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We serve Customers anywhere in the tri-state or mid-south area and will even travel as far as the Gulf Coast!

Please contact Ricky at 662-563-8413.  You can email Ricky here at ricky@southerntubs.com


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You can find Rick's shop at 23869 highway 6 East, Batesville, MS 38606 or Rick will come to your home and do the job if you prefer.

     Does your bathroom need a face-lift? Does your tub look tired, your sink look sad, or your tile look terrible? Well, say goodbye to that ugly bathroom and hello to Southern Tub Repair and Refinishing. These repair and refinishing specialists are located in Batesville, MS at 23869 Highway 6 and serve the entire mid-south area and even parts of the Gulf Coast. They have the skill and craftsmanship necessary to restore any acrylic, porcelain or fiberglass surface.

     Times are tough, and to remodel a bathroom is costly. So don't throw out that tub - reglaze it; don't tear down your ceramic tile - repair it; and don't replace your sink - recolor it! You'll receive the highest quality workmanship from Southern Tub Repair and Refinishing at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. Their advice is creative and stylish, and the possibilities are endless. Free estimates are gladly given upon request, and they guarantee all of their work. Best of all, their work is done right in your own home. Your tub, tile, and sink stay right where they are. They also specialize in antique tubs and sinks, and they will handle them with tender loving care including claw foot bathtubs.

     Call Southern Tub Repair and Refinishing at 662-563-8413 now to turn that ugly bathroom today into an elegant room tomorrow.


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